Cleansing the body of parasites with folk remedies at home

tincture of garlic against parasites in the body

The presence of parasites often leads to dysfunction of the digestive system, deterioration of the skin and hair, unstable emotional immunity and a decrease in the level of immune protection.

These manifestations significantly reduce the quality of human life. That is why the systematic cleansing of parasitic microorganisms is necessary for a person of any age and social status.

Conducting antiparasitic cleansing with the help of folk recipes at home is no less effective than the use of anthelmintic drugs. This process is smoother and, if used properly, does no harm.

Cleaning with folk remedies

There are more than 40 species of parasites in nature that can invade humans and cause significant damage to their overall health in the course of their lives. They include:

  • Nematodes.
  • Cestodes.
  • Flatworms.
  • Ringworms and prickly worms.
  • Scratches.

Many different methods are used to cleanse the body of these parasites. Also, anthelmintic cleansing can be used as a preventive measure for helminthiasis of various forms.

The classic version of antiparasitic cleansing is following a certain diet. With such a diet, a certain product with anthelmintic properties is introduced into the daily menu. This diet should be followed for 14-20 days. Also, during the period of such cleansing it is recommended to make enemas using natural healing solutions or special drugs.

In order to achieve maximum effectiveness of anthelmintic cleaning, it must be performed in compliance with the following rules:

  1. Change your diet.When cleansing the body of parasitic microorganisms, meat products and animal fats should be excluded from your diet. Such food is a good breeding ground for helminths and contributes to their full development and reproduction.
  2. Frequency compliance.Using any agent with anthelmintic properties, you must strictly follow the scheme of application and adhere to the recommended multiple courses. Depending on the selected method, cleaning can be repeated once a year or at intervals of several months.

Before therapeutic or preventive cleansing, you must first prepare the body. About this:

  • Before starting the course, follow a vegetarian menu for a few weeks. Sweet foods are also excluded from the diet.
  • They adhere to a certain drinking regime. The daily norm of clean water should not be less than one and a half liters. You can also drink fruit or vegetable juices.
  • The liver and kidneys are cleansed.
  • Cleansing enemas are given. The solutions are prepared on the basis of decoctions of nine, wood, chamomile. Bitter wormwood is also widely used in production. These procedures cleanse the intestines and help normalize defecation.

This cleansing has long been used by humans. The use of natural remedies for the treatment of helminthic invasion allows not only to effectively get rid of parasites, but also to simultaneously eliminate the accompanying pathologies.

Among the folk remedies for antiparasitic cleaning is noted special effectiveness in using:

folk remedies to cleanse the body of parasites

Food clay

This natural component is recommended for people with high acidity of digestive juice. To prepare a solution, the clay is combined with 200 ml of water and mixed to the consistency of milk. Used when the sludge falls.

Dosage: morning and evening 30 minutes before the main meal. All the liquid is drunk, the precipitate is left. The duration of the course is one month. After treatment, as a preventive measure, the solution is taken twice a week.

food clay to remove parasites from the body


This aromatic spice is a powerful antiparasitic agent. The daily intake is 1/8 teaspoon. If consumed in its pure form, washing with water is difficult, the powder is added to everyday meals.

Three times

The most popular natural remedy with anthelmintic properties. Two formulations are widely used.

The first includes tansy, wormwood and cloves. The plants are prepared in a ratio of 4: 1: 2. All herbs are ground to a powder. Prepare a single dose of 1 g of tansy, 0. 2 g of wormwood and 0. 5 g of cloves. Treatment regimen: on the first day, take one dose 30 minutes before meals. Take two servings the next day.

Starting on the third day and throughout the week, the agent is taken in three portions a day. The vegetable powder is washed with clean water.

The second recipe includes cumin seeds in seeds, calendula in inflorescences, rhizome of calamus. The proportions of herbs to collect are respectively 1: 1: 2. It is taken similarly to the first version of the triad.

herbs to cleanse the body of parasites

Pine nuts

They are powerful natural anthelmintics that have a gentle effect on the human body. The entire therapeutic course will require approximately 6 kg of purified nuts. The daily intake is 100 grams.

The duration of the course is 60 days. Remember to follow a vegetarian diet. As a preventive measure, nuts are used in this scheme once every 2 years.

Pumpkin seeds

This is one of the safest and most effective means of combating infection. It is often used to treat children. The mixture is prepared from peeled seeds in an amount of 300 g and a tablespoon of natural honey.

Crush the nuts in a blender, add 50 ml of purified water and honey. The finished drug is eaten in one dose on an empty stomach. After 2-3 hours you should drink magnesium. Purchased at a pharmacy in the form of a sachet. This drug has a laxative effect. After one hour it is necessary to perform a cleansing enema.

For complete cleaning, this treatment is performed three times. The frequency is one month. As a preventive measure, the mixture is taken once every two years.

pumpkin seeds to cleanse the body of parasites


Herbal bitterness is a strong anthelmintic herbal component. That is why in the fight against helminthiasis is widely used herbal collection, which includes: wormwood, nine-leaf, St. John's wort, oak bark and buckthorn, trees, immortelle, chamomile. Take one teaspoon of each herb.

The resulting collection is poured with 500 ml of boiling water. Insist in a thermos. This volume is calculated for 4 days. The infusion is used for ten days, 100 ml, on an empty stomach. The frequency of the course is once a year.

Garlic cognac

Medicinal drink is prepared from a liter of cognac and chopped garlic in an amount of 400 g. The mixture is poured into a shaded place for 20 days. Take 1 teaspoon on an empty stomach. The duration of the course is two months.

Side effects such as tachycardia, heartburn and insomnia are possible with this treatment. To get rid of them, you need to reduce the dose of the drug. The frequency of treatment is once every two years.

cognac to remove parasites from the body

Cognac with castor oil

This method is especially convenient because it does not require cooking. Cognac and castor oil are drunk on an empty stomach, 50 ml each. You can wash it with sweetened tea. After a certain period of time, helminths will begin to leave the body naturally.

It is not recommended to apply enemas with such cleansing. The medicine is taken until the worms stop appearing in the stool. As a preventive measure, the course is held every two years.

Flax with cloves

This tool is used to clean all types of parasites. For its preparation, inflorescences of flaxseed and cloves are mixed.

Proportion 10: 1. The collection is crushed into a powder that is consumed daily for 20 years. You can simply drink it or add it to food. Admission scheme: three days of admission - three days off. The full course is 30 days.

flax seeds from parasites in the body


This delicious medicine is indispensable in the treatment of helminth infestation in a child. Coconut milk and nut mash are used for treatment. These products can be purchased at the store or you can buy whole nuts. At the same time, the milk is drained and the pulp is crushed on a grater.

Important:any protohelminthic alcoholic preparations produced on the basis of plant raw materials are strictly prohibited for use in the treatment of children. These agents are recommended for use exclusively by adults and in limited doses.

You can also use pharmacological drugs. They are selected according to the form of helminthiasis.

Attention!Anthelmintic drugs are highly toxic. Therefore, only an infectious disease specialist or parasitologist should prescribe a course of treatment after a complete examination.

Plant components are less toxic, but also contain natural poisons. Therefore, this method should also be agreed with your doctor.

coconut to cleanse the body of parasites


The use of traditional medicine methods in the treatment of helminthic invasion is no less effective than conservative drug therapy. In addition, the use of natural products helps to improve the condition of the skin, acne and the disappearance of allergies.

Also, the overall tone of the body increases and the concentration of attention improves. The herbal components of folk anthelmintics have a gentle effect on the body and cleansing becomes as natural as possible.

The cleaning of the intestines from parasitic worms is performed in several stages:

  1. Dietary food.All foods that are a breeding ground for helminths are excluded from the diet. These include meat, fish and animal fats.
  2. Cleansing enemas.They are performed to remove toxic substances from the body. It has been scientifically proven that the cause of many diseases is the slagging of the intestines and against this background the body ages much faster. After a course of cleansing enemas, the intestines are freed of fecal stones and toxic waste products from helminths and their decomposition products. To perform an enema at home, you will need a glass of Esmarch and healing solutions. They are prepared from herbal decoctions or use special medical speakers.

Also, the intestines are effectively cleaned of parasitic worms at home, using the following means:

  • Salted water. . . This solution is used orally. To prepare it, 30 g of table salt is dissolved in one liter of purified water. The finished product is drunk for an hour on an empty stomach. Then you need to perform a set of turns and torso bends, as well as circular rotations of the pelvis. In about an hour the first desire to use the toilet will appear. Along with the feces, the worms leave the body. It is necessary to drink such a solution throughout the day until the effluent becomes clear. This method is not suitable for gastritis or ulcers.
  • Garlic milk.To prepare it, the garlic head is boiled in 250 ml of whole milk. The solution is used for enemas. They put it on at night. The course lasts one week.
  • Tincture of walnuts.For cooking, 4 tablespoons of nuts are boiled in salted water. It is then filtered and consumed orally. It is recommended to take drugs in parallel, which increase the peristalsis of the colon.
hot pepper from parasites in the body

Bowel cleansing should only be performed after medical advice and a complete laboratory examination.

Self-medication for helminth infestation is unacceptable, as all drugs and their regimen must correspond to the form of helminthiasis, the degree of development of helminth infestation, as well as the age and weight of the person. Therefore, at the first signs of infection with parasitic worms it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor who will prescribe an appropriate course of treatment.